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Miza Coplin @ Art Baby Gallery

Uma foto publicada por Miza Coplin (@dadshirt) a

Illustrating the surreal world of hypersexuality

Laying her innermost thoughts out on paper, these drawings delve into the problematic world of the computer game pin-up

DAZED. February 2016. Text Ione Gamble

“Everything is reaction inducing. So much of the way we live is just totally absurd to me. I wanna embrace it instead of falling back on a default eye-roll”, says Miza Coplin, Art Baby Gallery member and illustrator currently residing in Brooklyn. But despite having not taken drawing seriously since her days of doodling gothic fairies growing up, after moving to New York to be with her sister Coplin found herself constantly surrounded by creatives in the cultural capital, inspiring the 24-year-old to put pen to paper and document the weirdest corners of her mind.

Miza Coplin @ Art Baby Gallery

Miza Coplin. Instagram @dadshirt

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