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The long goodbye

Carry On At Your Convenience, by Gerald Thomas, 1971

No matter what you think, or do, the wave always break

The apparent failure of this smart movie is a perfect metaphor of how powerful our narcissism and ideological blindness can affect our judgment for decades. Only now we begin to understand the break of a prosperous tidal wave.

Carry on at Your Convenience, released [by Gerald Thomas] in 1971, is the 22nd in the series of Carry On films to be made, and was the first box office failure of the series. This failure has been attributed to the film's attempt at exploring the political themes of the trade union movement, crucially portraying the union activists as idle, pedantic buffoons which, apparently, alienated the traditional working-class audience of the series. The film, known as Carry On Round the Bend outside the United Kingdom, did not return full production costs until 1976 after several international and television sales [in Wikipedia].

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During the late 1970's, the Keynesian system destroyed itself. This destruction was not just the work of policymakers but of all players in the Keynesian game: the workers, the bureaucrats, the technocrats, the politicians — Paul Mason, Postcapitalism (2015).

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