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Who's fault?

3-year-old Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless little body on a Turkish beach (infographic depiction)

Use your he{art}

Are you still going to show {sell} your art @ Saudi Arabia, or @ the Emirates?

Warmongers in government and the media are perversely but predictably trying to conscript Aylan’s corpse into their march to escalation. They are contending that Aylan died because the West has not intervened against Syria’s dictator Bashar al-Assad, and that it must do so now to spare other children the same fate.

Um, no, Aylan’s family were Kurdish refugees from Kobani who had to flee that city when it was besieged, not by Assad, but by Assad’s enemy: ISIS.

And ISIS is running rampant in that part of Syria only because the US-led West and its regional allies have given them cover by supporting and arming the jihadist-dominated uprising against Assad.

Read This Before the Media Uses a Drowned Refugee Boy to Start Another War Antimedia. Dan Sanchez, September 8, 2015
More @ Reuters

O vídeo que explica TUDO sobre esta crise de "refugiados". PARTILHEM é preciso que a verdade chegue a todos aqueles que ainda estão a comer tudo que a comunicação social debita dia após dia!#EstadoIslamico #Portugal
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