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Vintage 85

Vintage '85 (installation view)

VINTAGE ‘85, two paintings inside Chambre Ardente @ MOSTRA '15

Ninety three young and mature artists are showing on a pop-up show curated by Patricia Pires de Lima. MOSTRA '15 takes place in an empty 50's building soon to be refurbished.

MOSTRA '15 follows a loose curatorial criteria. There's horrible stuff next to excellent artworks. It seems to me as an irresistible swarming against the zombies of bureaucracy and commercial art. Art products are also suffering from excess capacity and huge inventories—waiting for a turn of events as demand seems to freeze everywhere.

My work at MOSTRA '15 is two-folded: three inkjet pictures of the exhibition room done with a smartphone, that you can see online (and buy any or all the one-off prints), and two 'in situ' small 'abstract expressionist' paintings from 1985. I display the two paintings as vintage artworks. The room where I show them is like an art cellar to me. I call it Chambre Ardente (burning chamber).

First, I developed an archeology derivative of the site. Than I used the soon to be destroyed office room as a subtle ritualistic chamber to visually and mentally taste two paintings never shown before.

Have a look until April 19th.

My Works

Vintage '85
Some artists in this show that I liked
  • André Sier
  • Elisa Pône
  • Luís Alegre
  • Marta Alvim
  • Miguel Palma 
  • Rui Sanches
  • Teresa Braula Reis
  • a few more...

10-19 April 2015
Venue: Rua Centro Cultural, Lisbon.

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