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Luis Serpa (1948-2015)

The irony of life and death

Luis Serpa and I curated and produced a seminal multidisciplinary art show in 1983 (Depois do Modernismo), along with Leonel Moura and Michel Toussaint Alves Pereira. Thirty years later (2014) I had the privilege to restart a collaboration project with Luis Serpa.

I invited Miguel Palma, João Vilhena, António Carvalho (aka Toyze), João Bacelar, Rui Martins, Gonçalo Pena and André Sier to show their work within a curatorial framework called An eye for an eye, a mind for a mind.

Other artists, specially young ones, were on the pipeline for further projects. The next program would have been dedicated to women artists.

On January 16, by the time we were closing the first year of our renewed collaboration, Luis told me: “I’m done, I have ELA” (ALS).

We had three meetings, on March 27, April 2 and 10, about a new tri-dimensional art magazine called BAU.

We also talked about two shows that Luis was curating for Museu Soares do Reis and Biblioteca Almeida Garrett, both in Oporto. His arms and hands were practically dead. He was also losing voice in a worrying pace. “I have no pain”, Luis told me. “My hands and my speech are not responding”, that’s the problem...

I was supposed to meet him tomorrow, April 17.

Last Monday I got an e-mail about Luis. He had to go to hospital. I hoped for the best.

Uneasy sentiments came on board.

So long Luis.

BAU—layout for a 3D art magazine

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