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Lynda Benglis

Just to put things where they belong

As two heavily made-up women take turns directing each other and submitting to each other’s kisses and caresses, it becomes increasingly obvious that the camera is their main point of focus. Read against feminist film theory of the “male gaze”, the action becomes a highly charged statement of the sexual politics of viewing and role-playing; and, as such, is a crucial text in the development of early feminist video.

“This video is Benglis’s emphatic response to the notion of a distinctly feminine artistic sensibility and to the belief in a necessary lesbian phase in the women’s movement—ideas that were often debated in the early 1970s.”

—Susan Krane, “Introduction”, Lynda Benglis: Dual Natures (Atlanta: High Museum of Art, 1991)

This title was in the original Castelli-Sonnabend video art collection.

—in Video Data Bank (video)

Centerfold by Lynda Benglis published in Artforum magazine, 1974.

Lynda Benglis by John Baldessari 

@ Interview, March 2015

JOHN BALDESSARI: The first thing I want to say about you, Lynda, is how much you've been an influence on me, all the way back to when I first started going to New York in the late '60s and '70s and I saw your work at Paula Cooper Gallery. They were showing your poured pieces. And jumping forward to today, I know how much of an influence you are for younger artists. I have a young protégé, a student of mine, who is very much influenced by your idea of materials, rather than art as some abstract thing. And I know when we both taught together at CalArts, what a huge impact you had on the students. For that time, you were a real Angeleno. [laughs] You went to all the openings.

LYNDA BENGLIS: I think the only time I went to your house for a little get-together, I thought my Porsche was a bumper car. I banged up the front and back of it getting to wherever I was going. Now, I was trying to think of when I first saw your work, John. It was before I met you. Was it your first New York show at the Feigen Gallery?

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