terça-feira, 25 de outubro de 2016

The computer show has begun

Have you ever heard about Reality Art? 

Have you ever heard about Reality Art?

Well, this is reality art. It flows like a river. You cannot capture and exhibit it as an artwork.

If one shows these videos —by Titanic Sinclair, Mars Argo, Poppy, etc.— in a museum and point to them as art, that would be a misleading gesture because what the museum curator would then be doing in pronouncing such words would be naming dead masks, art. What really matters in reality art is what Alfred Gell called, agency, that is, the living process and purpose that feed the making of beautiful and meaningful things.

Forms follow agency. Form follows time. Form follows life. Form follows love.

Take this post as a random thought and a love declaration to all the artists I invited to The New Art Fest '16. Let's make a great opening party on November 3.

Thank you.

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