sexta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2016

Do you know Mars Argo?

The New Art Fest ’16

Do you know Mars Argo? I invited Titanic Sinclair to join the party and he says yes. At such a short notice, though, he will come to Lisbon only as a dematerialized persona.

Titanic Sinclair might be seen as a post-contemporary young Andy Warhol, from California btw. He is, for now, a YouTube/Twitter/Instagram creature. But aren't we all?

Remember these names: Titanic Sinclair, Mars Argo, that margo, Poppy, and that Poppy

We @ The New Art fest '16, Lisbon and the World Wide Web, have already compiled an anthology of Sinclair's best work. Do you want to know my links? 

Wait for November 3-10

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