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Holly Herndon — Net-concrete and the sound of now

Holly Herndon is an artist currently based in San Francisco, California.

As well as touring the world to perform and exhibit new work, she is currently candidate for doctoral study in Computer Music at Stanford University.

She received her MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills College under the guidance of John Bischoff, James Fei, Maggi Payne, and Fred Frith. While at Mills she won the Elizabeth Mills Crothers award for Best Composer in 2010 for her vocal generated piece ’195′. [Web]

Complexity is the rule of work, not the rule of reception


We are living in a curve in time where many things are spiralling down towards extinction. Certain economists call this implosion a creative destruction moment. These are hard times, not necessarily different, not necessarily new. It is a new visible contraction in time of life and death cycles. What's new here is the social visibility of it not the event.

After Winter a new Spring (or a new Renaissance) arrives. In a way we are entering an intense spiritual time.

Do what you have to do with all the honesty, energy and compassion you've got.

Some ideas spoken by Holly Herndon in an interview with Emma Warren in Tokyo are inspiring.

I memorized these ones: escaping from escapism, redirecting conversation through art and music, immersion in an economic post-Wikileaks uncertainty environment where atoms and bytes collide and justapose.

One possible direction: take the Net as Pierre Shaffer did with radio waves, electronics valves and street acoustics and jam the data and outputs you get to build new stuff.

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