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Chupa morangos

dani's nsfw blog!!!! / chupamorangos

The best gay art in town (I mean in Lisbon-UK;)


I paid a visit to Daniela's art school studio in Lisbon two or three years ago. I must confess that I was stunned by her absolutely radical sense of humor, content and colors. I think the many characters of Daniela Viçoso are all precious children of a fabulous drafwoman.

Her uneasiness towards conventional bureaucratic art makes her witty drawings and paintings even more cute and challenging to us.

She's young and she has all that is needed to do it right.

Being in UK, I mean in London, meeting other artists and working under a rich and demanding cultural environment is the best decision she took after three years in the closet of a conceptual Beaux-Arts school.


dani bonbon

zombie cowboy

dani's nsfw blog!!!!
hello! lots of homos here

Bambi Chouriço
Daniela Viçoso - Facebook - Works

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